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Procedures related to incoming CEEPUS mobility at Croatian institutions during COVID-19 pandemic

We are pleased to inform you that the procedure introduced in the academic year 2020/2021 in order to encourage and facilitate virtual, combined and physical mobility in the current epidemiological situation will be also available during the academic year 2021/2022.

Grant payment for mobility completed through distance learning/teaching from home countries

Incoming CEEPUS grant holders to Croatia who will carry out their mobility through distance learning or teaching, who will be on virtual mobility from their home countries, are entitled to 50% of the usual grant for physical mobility:

  • 1. Students, per month 650,00 HRK
  • 2. PhD students, per month 750,00 HRK
  • 3. Teachers, 6 – 17 teaching hours 1.200,00 HRK
  • 4. Teachers, 18 – 24 teaching hours 1.800,00 HRK

Please note that the mobility through distance learning first must be agreed with and confirmed by the Host Institution in Croatia!

Teacher mobility: 17 hours for the period shorter than two weeks is possible only for intensive courses (e.g. summer schools), upon agreement with NCO-HR and submission of the additional documents.

If a student mobility is a combination of virtual mobility and physical mobility, the grant will be calculated on bases of the number of months spent on virtual and physical mobility, with one month as a minimum calculation unit.

We invite CEEPUS incoming students who will opt for a virtual mobility, to consider finishing their mobility with a physical mobility, by coming to Croatia, if general epidemiological situation will allow it.

It is strongly recommended that the incoming teachers on virtual mobility include students from the host institution, as well as the students from their home institution in the same online lecture, in order to create a common virtual classroom. Incoming teachers are invited to consider this type of online teaching if courses and lectures at home and host institutions are compatible and both of the institutions have the necessary equipment.

Payment of accommodation allowance

In the academic year 2021/2022 this option is available only if there are no rooms in the student dormitories or in special occasions caused by Covid-19 epidemics.
Allowance amounts for teachers are already defined by the General and Specific Procedures for CEEPUS Implementation in Croatia:

  • Teachers, 5 to 15 days (6 – 12 hours of lectures) 1.400,00 HRK
  • Teachers, 16 to 30 days (18 – 24 hours of lectures) 2.100,00 HRK
  • Students, per month 2.000,00 HRK