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CEEPUS Short term excursion at the Faculty of Graphic Arts: School of Graphic Media Workflow

Following the good cooperation in the CEEPUS network Research and Education in the Field of Graphic Engineering and Design the first School of Graphic Media Workflow was held at the University of Zagreb Faculty of Graphic Arts from February 12th to February 16th 2024.

The school lasted five days and the topics presented were Graphic Media Workflow, Printing Estimating, How to Market a Print Media Product, Design of Printed and Digital Media, Digital Graphics, Role of prepress in graphics – broader approach, Color and Its Functional Role - Effects of Special Inks, Game Design Foundations.

During the programme, students were working in mixed international groups on a project of creating a conceptual packaging design for a food product – chocolate, by the inputs given by the teachers.

The results achieved by the students in just two days far exceeded the expectations of all participating professors in terms of the completeness and complexity of their final solutions (design, marketing plan, etc.). On the last day of the school, professors and students visited a very modern printing house near the faculty, Denona d.o.o.

After a successfully organized programme, the best way to illustrate how the students felt is through their quotes:

I had an amazing time at the 1st Summer School of Graphic Media Workflow in Zagreb! I was given the opportunity to learn, connect, and share my knowledge and experience with foreign students and experts, all while being supported through the whole process by our hosts (that made it so much fun)! I made memories and got to know foreign educational systems, cultures and the city of Zagreb in such a dynamic environment.

Lucija Student from Slovenia

The main thing I didn’t like is that this Summer School lasted only 5 days, wish it was longer. :)


The task was very demanding (especially for such a short period), but it was precisely this that bonded us and forced us to give 110%, and in the end, we achieved something we could be proud of, even if not all the details were thoroughly thought-through in the end.


The school was initiated and organized by the hosts (Assoc. Prof. Tomislav Cigula, PhD, Assoc. Prof. Rahela Kulčar, PhD and Prof. Igor Majnarić, PhD) and with the financial support of the host institution. The attendees from abroad came to a short-term excursion in CEEPUS which provided accommodation and daily allowance.

The programme was held by a joint effort of eight teachers coming from four institutions: University of Zagreb Faculty of Graphic Arts, the Faculty of Technical Sciences (Department for graphic engineering and design) of University of Novi Sad, the Faculty of Technology (Graphic Engineering) of University of Banja Luka, and the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering (Department of Textiles, Graphic Arts, and Design, Chair of information and graphic arts technology) of University of Ljubljana.