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Exchange of students and teachers at the universities of Central and South-Eastern Europe with scholarships that comply with the standard of living in the countries involved in the programme

The Central European Exchange Programme for University Studies (CEEPUS) supports the mobility of teachers and undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate and doctoral students. The core of the programme is CEEPUS networks (Partnerships of related higher education institutions), comprising at least 3 higher education institutions from at least three CEEPUS participating countries.

Students gaining mobility under CEEPUS are exempt from the payment of tuition fees at a foreign higher education institution.

The national CEEPUS office of the receiving country grants a scholarship and the receiving higher education institution provides for the realisation of the professional part of the programme. On average, more than 500 students and teachers from Croatia go to mobility through CEEPUS per year, while more than 450 scholarship holders come to Croatian higher education institutions.


Opportunities for students and teachers

Students: scholarships for regular semester activities are awarded for a minimum of 3 months and a maximum of 10 months.

Short term students: shorter stays are only be permitted for students working on their theses or dissertations (Master- or PhD-students).

Short Term Excursions and Summer Schools which may be shorter than a month and may also be attended by undergraduates.

Teacher: all teachers applying for mobility are advised to apply only under this category regardless of the duration of mobility


Scholarship rates differ depending on the type of mobility and duration of mobility. Scholarship rates can be found at the official CEEPUS website.

Open calls for the incoming mobility at Croatian institutions

Call for the network mobility* during the winter term of 2022/2023 is currently OPEN.

Please contact your CEEPUS coordinator at your Host Institution or your National CEEPUS Office for further information. The contacts are available at the offical CEEPUS website.

*Network mobility refers to the mobility between instititions which are part of the same CEEPUS network. The full list of the Croatian institutions invloved in CEEPUS networks during the academic year 2022/2023 is available here.

Call for the freemover mobility** during the winter term of 2022/2023 will be OPEN from 1 July to 1 August.

Please contact your National CEEPUS Office for further information. The contacts are available at the offical CEEPUS website.

**Freemover mobility refers to the mobility from any higher edicucation institution which is eligible for CEEPUS in your home country, to any institution which is eligible for CEEPUS in Croatia. Please, contact your home National CEEPUS Office in order to check whether your institution is eligible for CEEPUS (by clicking the flag of your country at

Information for students and teachers

Jelena Škrbić about her CEEPUS experience

“This was a very nice experience!”

Na fotografiji se nalazi Jelena Škrbić na Gornjem gradu (CEEPUS mobility program)


For further information on application deadlines and requirements for available study and research programmes feel free to contact us at:

National CEEPUS Office

Agency for Mobility and EU Programmes

Frankopanska 26

10000 Zagreb


E-mail address:

Telephone number: +385 (0)1 555 7855

Open Calls