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Practical information for teachers

CEEPUS is based on CEEPUS networks that consist of a minimum of three participating units. For the list of approved networks and their participating units, please refer to this website.
There are two types of mobility: mobility inside CEEPUS networks (network mobility) and mobility outside CEEPUS networks (freemovers).
Mobility within the networks is a priority. There are two application rounds for network mobilities: 15 June and 31 October. Freemover applications are processed only after all the network mobilities have been awarded and the deadline for freemover applications is 30 November.

Scholarship rates for teachers

  • Mobility from 5 to 15 days, minimum of 6 teaching hours per week: 319,00 EUR
  • Mobility from 16 to 30 days, minimum of 18 teaching hours for the period from 16 days/ minimum of 6 teaching hours per week: 478,00 EUR

How do I apply for CEEPUS mobility as a teacher?

There are two main types of mobility in CEEPUS: mobility inside CEEPUS networks (network mobility) and mobility outside CEEPUS networks (freemovers).

Network Mobility

If your home institution participates in one or more CEEPUS networks we advise you to first contact the CEEPUS coordinator at your home institution to enquire about the number of available scholarships, available destinations, and the selection procedure. If your CEEPUS coordinator approves your scholarship, you will need to initiate the procedure of online application, described in the paragraph below.

Mobility applications are submitted online at the CEEPUS website. If you have not registered on the CEEPUS website, please register with the Mobility role. After you sign in, click on the link "your mobility application", choose the academic year, click "Action" and follow the instructions. For all the further information and assistance in filling in your mobility application, you can contact the CEEPUS coordinator at your faculty or your local National CEEPUS Office.

If your institution is a member of a CEEPUS network, you do not have to upload any additional documents. Your online application first needs to be approved by your home institution and your home NCO. After that, the application is forwarded to the host institution and is finally accepted by the host NCO. You will receive an e-mail with the information on whether your application has been accepted or not.


If your home and/or host institution do not participate in a CEEPUS network, you can still apply for a CEEPUS scholarship. You need to follow the same procedure of online application as described in the section on Network mobility above, but you will need to upload a Letter for freemover teachers from the host institution. You can find the template of the letter below and at the bottom of your mobility desktop after you sign in at the CEEPUS webpage. Bear in mind that scholarships for freemovers can only be approved after all the network mobility applications have been processed. This is why freemover scholarships are usually awarded only after the 30 November for the summer semester.

After you have been awarded the CEEPUS scholarship

After you have been awarded a CEEPUS scholarship you will receive an automatically generated e-mail from CEEPUS. One month prior to your arrival, you will receive an e-mail from the Croatian CEEPUS Office containing some general information concerning your stay in Croatia as a CEEPUS scholarship holder, together with the necessary documentation.

Grant payment

You can find the information on the amount of the grants awarded by the NCO Croatia at by clicking on the Croatian flag. The grant will be paid into the account of the host faculty. Your mentor at the faculty or the international relations officer will give you further information on scholarship payment.

If the faculty requires you to do so, you will need to open a giro account (žiro račun) at a Croatian bank. To open your bank account you should first request a personal tax number (OIB) at the Central Tax Administration (Porezna uprava). After you obtain your OIB, you can open a giro bank account and provide the faculty with the account information.


Accommodation for teachers is provided upon reservation by the NCO for the dates stated in the Letter of Award. Please check the information e-mail you will receive one month prior to the arrival for more details on the location of the student dormitory. The cost of the accommodation is covered by the Agency for Mobility and EU Programmes.

Accommodation Allowance

Since not all Croatian universities have adequate accommodation capacities available for teachers, it is possible to request the payment of the accommodation allowance. The accommodation allowance is only payable if there is no adequate accommodation available. The home institution should request the payment of the accommodation allowance at least 30 days prior to the arrival of the visiting teacher.

If the NCO Croatia agrees with your host CEEPUS coordinator that there is a need for the accommodation allowance, the NCO Croatia will no longer be responsible in any way for the organization of your accommodation.

Obligations of CEEPUS Teachers

According to the CEEPUS III Work Programme, faculty members shall carry a workload of at least 6 teaching or supervising hours a week (i.e. a stay of 5 workdays) at the host university, as laid down in their mobility application.

With respect to the above said, if you are applying for a teacher scholarship, in the "Motivation" section of the online application form you are obliged to specify how many hours you are planning to teach and on what topics. If there is an additional purpose for your visit, please specify that as well. If there is no sufficient information on the purpose of your visit in the Motivation field, the NCO Croatia has the right to request you to enter it or to reject your application.

At the end of your stay, you need to hand in the Teacher Report to the CEEPUS coordinator at your host institution, together with the Lectures Report and/or the Supervising Report (these documents make an integral part of the Teacher Report).

You will also need to upload a signed and stamped copy of two documents: The Letter of Confirmation and the Mobility Report into your application on the CEEPUS website. The documents must be signed and stamped by a responsible person at your host institution and uploaded into the CEEPUS system no later then 14 days after the end of your mobility. In order to be able to fill out the Mobility Report your application should be in the status "accepted by applicant".