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Central CEEPUS Office published special report

On the occasion of signing ceremony of CEEPUS IV Agreement, held on 20th of September 2023 in Warsaw, Central CEEPUS Office published special report which sums up results and accomplishments of CEEPUS.

Predstavnici nacionalnih CEEPUS ureda u Koperniku muzeju u Varšavi. Iza njih su zastave država sudionika.
NCOs in Kopernik Museum in Warsaw. Photo: NAWA

Some of the interesting information you can find in the report are the following: from 1995 until today, more than 82 000 mobility of students and teaching staff was achieved through CEEPUS, 62 short term intensive programs were held and more than 7400 monthly scholarships were distributed. More than 2 000 institutions from 16 member states participate in the CEEPUS program.

From the beginning of the entry into force of the CEEPUS III Agreement (2011) until today, more then 3950 outgoing Croatian student and teacher mobilities have been realized at foreign higher education institutions, while more than 3830 foreign students and teachers were awarded with the incoming mobilities at Croatian higher education institutions.

Predstavnik i predstavnica nacionalnih CEEPUS ureda stoje na katedri i smiju se.
Central CEEPUS Office. Photo: NAWA

The signing ceremony of the new CEEPUS IV agreement was held in Warsaw on September 20. The agreement was signed by the State Secretary of the Ministry of Science and Education, Ivica Šušak, on behalf of the Republic of Croatia. The ceremony was also attended by the head of the Sector for the Development of Higher Education, Loredana Maravić, and representatives of the National CEEPUS Office for RH from the Agency for Mobility and EU Programmes.

Download the Report on the implementation of CEEPUS with an overview of the results and achievements achieved within CEEPUS.

Četvero mladih osoba sviraju gudačke instrumente. Obučeni su u crno i sjede na pozornici. Ispred njih je veliki znak na kojem piše "CEEPUS" a iza njih je projektor na kojem piše "CEEPUS".
Gala dinner in Warsaw. Photo: NAWA